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Baby Yellow Super Soft Crochet Scrunchie

Baby Yellow Super Soft Crochet Scrunchie

This scrunchie is the perfect accessory for both your hair and wrist!

This scrunchie is made with SUPER soft acrylic yarn that will never irritate and will always feel amazing!

Inside is a length of elastic just long enough to comfortably wrap the scrunchie around your hair twice.

Without stretching it, it will be small enough to pop round an existing ponytail as a fun accessory too!

This scrunchie has been crocheted with care and sewn together with an invisible seam so however you wear it, it will look perfect!


-Handmade to Order.

-If you need your order rushed I am always happy to do so, please message me

-Shipping is only £1.99 on this item

-Size: 9.5cmx9.5cm

Care: All elements are washable at 30’. I would suggest only washing it if absolutely necessary and hand washing if you do, just to be on the safe side!


If you have any questions about this scrunchie or any other product, be sure to message me.

You can find me on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok with the handle @woollyrainbows

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